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The Best Wireless Security Camera Systems for Very Large Properties

Security camera outside of home

And whether this property is being used as a residence, business, vacation home, vacation rental property, or maybe even an event space to be rented out, there is a great deal that can happen on a large property that should be protected. And to that point, even though there might be different reasons you would want to protect your very large property, they are all valid and worth pursuing having the best wireless security camera systems for your situation.

And just like all large properties are unique, security camera systems are as well. Whether you are wanting to place them around your home, or want to cover your outdoor acreage, there are options for you. But when considering a very large property, it is no surprise that the place you want to start looking is wireless.

Wireless outdoor security cameras have come quite a long way, and as technologies continue to improve, both in terms of camera and lens clarity as well as wireless communication, it is no surprise that wireless outdoor security cameras will make you feel safe and sound.

Advantages of Wireless Outdoor Security Cameras

Even if you have never relied on wireless outdoor security cameras, you can guess why they would be popular. Without being held back by wires, wireless security cameras give you the flexibility to place them anywhere you want.

This not only means you have the ability to cover a great deal of distance on your property, but you can also place your cameras in the most accurate locations. Or rather, those locations that you feel need an extra set of eyes, whether this is because you have a long driveway, there is an entrance at some point along your fence, or perhaps there are simply spots that you can’t see from the house and want additional coverage.

And you might be wondering how far wireless outdoor security cameras can transmit, which is a fair question. The answer might even surprise you. Standard outdoor wireless security cameras can transmit information on average anywhere from 250 feet to 450 feet, with the best outdoor wireless security camera systems boasting a range of closer to 950 feet.

Technician testing video feed of wireless security camera

Keeping Your Wireless Outdoor Security Cameras Functional

One important tip when it comes to making the most of your wireless outdoor security cameras is to have as little obstruction as possible between the hub and the cameras. Objects can block, or at least dampen, the wireless signal, so you want to make sure that your path is clear. Obviously, there are likely to be natural obstructions outside on your property, such as trees and bushes, etc., but you want to be mindful of things like brick walls, large stone fireplaces, garages, or other types of physical obstructions. When setting them up, go ahead and test the signals to make sure you are getting the best bang for your buck.

The power of your signal also brings up another point that is worth noting, as many first-time security users often wonder if their wireless security system will work without an internet connection. This is also a fair question, after all, you don’t want to be in a situation where you can’t rely on your security cameras. However, even in the instance of an internet shortage, you can choose a wireless outdoor camera system that has USB backup capabilities, which means your camera will continue to capture data, even if it currently can’t transmit that data to your central hub. This data can then be downloaded once the internet has returned.

Another important best practice is to stay on top of your batteries. It is no secret that your wireless security system will rely on batteries to maintain its power. This flexibility is what allows you to place them anywhere, but also requires that you stay on top of your power levels. However, you will receive notifications when your batteries start to get low, so there is no need to have to set reminders or trouble yourself with the thought at all.

The Best Outdoor Wireless Security Camera Systems

As mentioned, there is not a single approach when it comes to choosing an outdoor wireless security system. Therefore, there isn’t a single best option. But there are some factors to keep top of mind.

For example, the newest generation of security cameras boast Commercial 2MP resolution, which brings an incredible amount of accuracy to your video feed. Additionally, this system can support up to eight cameras, giving you plenty of coverage for wherever you need it most.

Additionally, there is optical zoom technology that you can take advantage of, which allows you to get more specific with your security system. And what is more impressive is that this resolution can see up to 100 feet in the dark, making accurate night vision a beneficial capability that you could take advantage of.

Keep Your Large Property Safe

Whether you are wanting to protect your home, or you are wanting the best wireless security camera system for your business, turn to the professionals so we can get the job done right, and help you protect what matters most in your life.

Get your security system today!

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