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Free domestic shipping within Canada on orders over $200

4 Products to Compliment Your Business’ Camera Security System

Camera security systems are an integral part of protecting your business premises.

Security is a priority for any business. A breach in security, no matter how small, could cost your business money and can give you a bad reputation. Of course, the latter will lead to a decrease in customers.

That’s why you must invest in solid security systems that reduce the incidence of break-ins.
As a business, your security systems and measures need to be more robust than those of residential properties. You need to have different layers of security to ensure that your products and customer data are not vulnerable.

Why Every Business Should Invest in a Robust Camera Security System

One of the most important elements of a commercial security system is the surveillance cameras. With a good camera security system, you can effectively monitor your premises and easily identify everyone who comes in and out of your premises. Besides monitoring your premises, a camera security system also has the advantages:

  • Deters outside break-ins. When intruders see your security cameras, they’ll think twice about breaking in ads they know they’re being watched.
  • Makes the workplace safer. Monitoring what’s happening in and around your premises is essential to ensuring that all your employees are safe.
  • Reduces your insurance premiums. Many insurance providers require that you have a security system in place. Failure to do so could result in your insurance premiums shooting up.

But is a camera security system the only way to ensure your property is secure?

Not at all. There are other products you can use to compliment your business’s camera security system.

X Products You Need to Complement Your Business’s Camera Security System

1. Physical Security Software

Physical security software is a tool that helps organizations to put internal security measures in place. These are more geared toward managing the secure operations of your premises, the equipment you use, and your inventory of products. Physical security software comes with features such as:

  • Incident and investigation management
  • Personnel tracking
  • Policy management
  • Detailed reporting analytics

Physical security software can be used by in-house security departments or in conjunction with third-party security companies.  to better manage their workforces by providing officer monitoring, real-time updates on incidents, and direct lines of communication to officers in the field.

Because of the critical role it plays in beefing up your internal security, you should consider investing in physical security software.

2. Intruder Alarm Systems

While security camera systems are excellent for monitoring your premises and deterring break-ins, sometimes intruders do manage to get into your security perimeter. 

If your camera security system can be likened to the eyes of your body, your alarm system can be likened to the skin. A breach into your property is like a cut on your skin that’s so painful it makes you scream. And just like your body responds to a cut by calling for the immune system to come and fight infections, your intruder alarm system is a call for internal and external security forces to come and fight off the intruders and seal the breach.

One major advantage of an intruder alarm system is that, like your security cameras, it can deter intruders from carrying out their malicious plans. Once the alarm is triggered, they know they’ve been detected and their plans foiled. Another advantage is that advanced systems can tell you where the breach took place, making it easier for your security personnel to apprehend the culprits. 

An intruder alarm system is an essential component of your overall security system and must be treated as such. It compliments your surveillance camera system exceptionally well. 

Access control systems are an excellent addition to your security camera system.3. Access Control Systems

Another security product you must get to compliment your camera security system is an access control solution. Access control systems are electronic systems that are designed to grant authorized personnel access to your facilities. Because they are digital, you don’t need to have security personnel to man access portals. To grant access, the system requires users to present electronic credentials that prove they’ve been granted authority to access that part of the building. This can be done through physical keycards/tags or biometrics depending on the access control system you’re using.

Access control systems are especially designed to keep unauthorized personnel out of restricted areas with sensitive data. They’re another layer of security that can help secure your premises in case an intruder manages to bypass your camera and intruder alarm systems.

Fire alarm systems are an excellent addition to your security camera system.4. Fire Alarm System

Keeping your business safe is not just about protecting your premises from malicious human agents. You also need to protect it from other hazards like fire. While it’s easy to detect a raging fire using your surveillance cameras, it’s better to attend to the fire before it causes much damage.

This is where a fire alarm system comes in handy.

A fire alarm system is any system that’s designed to detect and warn building occupants of a fire. There are several different types of fire alarm systems, with the most common being:

  • Heat detectors
  • Smoke detectors
  • Carbon Monoxide detectors
  • Multi-sensor detectors

No matter the method of detection, all fire detectors are equipped with an alarm that sounds when triggered. This is definitely one product you must invest in to beef up your business’s security system.

Security — An investment You Can’t Ignore

Investing in your business’s security is one aspect of running a business that mustn’t be taken lightly. Failure to provide all-round security could lead to several consequences that include:

  • Loss of property and inventory
  • Injury to employees
  • Downtime
  • Costly repairs.

That’s why you must invest in the best camera security systems to ensure your business is protected. And that’s also why you must get the other security products listed above to help ensure you’re truly covered.

Need to keep an eye on your business premises — even while you’re away?

Then get your security system today! Browse through coaxial SystemsWifi Systems, or even 16 Channel Security systems to find the right setup for your business.

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