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Free domestic shipping within Canada on orders over $200

Système de caméra de sécurité 4K NVR 8 canaux avec tourelle IP 4 * 8MP Caméra à objectif fixe 2,8 mm, reconnaissance faciale, détection des personnes et des véhicules, micro intégré, PoE, avec disque dur 2 To

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Original price $999.00
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Whether you are looking to monitor your business or protect your home, this powerful security camera system will help you secure the things that matter most.  

Human detection is the latest tech in reducing fake alarms for customers. Human detection and tracking are tasks of computer vision systems for locating and following people in video imagery. They are generally considered the first two processes in a video surveillance pipeline and can feed into higher-level reasoning modules such as action recognition and dynamic scene analysis.

Take your night vision to the next level with full color images in every conditions . A wider range of colors adds further contrast for easier detection and recognition.

Please note that there are may be privacy laws in your area that do not allow or limit audio surveillance. Double check with your local authorities before installing your cameras and utilizing any audio recording functions.